We have worked with a number of leading healthcare, automotive and technology companies, as well as community-focused organisations. Take a look at our Gallery to find out who we’ve worked with.

We offer an all-inclusive package to companies which gives them the flexibility to offer clients, colleagues and guests complimentary drinks. We have proven time and time again that delicious coffee can strengthen relationships with customers, increase footfall at events and act as a great ice breaker.

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We provide a smart, quality espresso bar, white walled 8 and 4 oz paper cups and baristas. Both our bar and cups can be branded to add a personal touch to your event and we can work with you to make your event exactly the way you want it.

We require two 13A three pin mains power feeds, or a single 16/20A feed. It’s also really helpful to have access to a tap providing drinking water - this ensures we can replenish our water supply which runs through a bottled filter system rather than a mains feed. All our equipment is regularly serviced and tested to ensure your event runs safely and smoothly.

The white walled espresso bar we currently offer measures approximately 150cm wide x 70cm deep and we find a footprint of 200cm x 200cm gives us plenty of space to manoeuvre. This bar size offers the customer plenty of space to interact with our team and other people. We have used a number of different bars at events (see Gallery) and we can integrate into your own bar designs if you already have something planned.

Espresso Bar
Espresso Bar